Family Law:

Multicultural and LGBTQ+

Family law complexities pertaining to the multicultural and LGBTQ+ communities can be difficult as these laws are still developing. This is why it is of the utmost importance to seek legal counsel you not only can trust, but feel comfortable and supported by. Whether it is issues involving decision-making for children’s school choices and cultural activities, or an LGBTQ+ divorce, we understand the difficulties that may arise and our attorneys will advocate and help you navigate through these situations as we are skilled in representing non-traditional cases.

Divorce in Jewish Law

Navigating through a civil divorce is complicated enough. For the Jewish community, this process can be even more complicated. In Judaism, a marriage cannot be truly dissolved in the eyes of the religious doctrine unless a get is obtained. Obtaining a get can get complicated without cooperation of both parties. Because of this, it is important to seek an attorney who understands this process and knows how to ensure a get is obtained. Our attorneys are experienced in obtaining Jewish divorces and can assist you with both your civil dissolution and religious dissolution with the utmost concern and respect for your beliefs.

Sharia Law

Sharia Law is Islam’s legal system and there are intricacies around it affecting the modern legal system. Our attorneys have a first-hand understanding of these complexities and will help guide you through these difficult times with solutions that result in outcomes that support your best interests.

LGBTQ+ and Non-Traditional Family Law Issues

From LGBTQ+ divorce, to same-sex martial agreements, second-parent adoptions, and non-traditional allocation of parental responsibilities, our team remains at the forefront of these evolving laws and has a direct understanding of the impact that these situations have on families.

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